Trigger student engagement with EdBots

Your digital teaching assistant

Hi Ann. Welcome to your course. I am your course assistant. Sometimes I will pop in to help you out, and you can ask me simple course-related questions
What is the max numbers of words we can write on the case study?
The max number of words are 4.500. Good luck with your hand-in 🤓

Get your students to participate in lectures

Students do not participate in class because they have not prepared and are afraid of looking stupid in front of their classmates. But with EdBots, they get personal messages telling them how to prepare for their upcoming lectures. With up to 49% of students clicking to view relevant content.

Save time on frequently asked questions

You know those questions you get over and over again from your students about basic things in your course. They are annoying, and they take time away from more important teaching. Now you can save up to 40% of your time on these questions by letting EdBots answer them for you.

Trigger student activity outside class

You only see your students a few hours per week, but you want them to work on your subject much more than that. With EdBots, you can trigger learning activities outside class, with up to 5 times higher response rates from students compared to normal teacher announcements.

Find out what your students need help with

When you prepare a lecture, you want to know what your students need help with, so you can make your lecture relevant for them. But getting feedback from your students is hard. With EdBots, you can collect up to 17 times more feedback from your students.

Get started with EdBots

EdBots is a chatbot, a computer program that interacts with your students by sending and receiving messages. You can add him to your class communication platform to help you increase student engagement. Sign up now to get started.
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